death of a man

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger;
And she can't seem to hold out any longer.
So I bid her good day, and I drink my blues away;
The bottle never leaves me when my blue skies are gray.

Can't really say that I blame her;
I've been known to hang myself with anger.
But when I'm running wild, you know I'm just a little child
That never grew to be a man that's tender and mild.

So drink to the death of a man
That no one will ever understand;
And drink to the blood on his hands
That drips to the ground where he stands;
And drink to the teardrops that fall from his eyes as he cries.
They say that true love never dies;
But he says that true love never lies.

It's last call and my glass is dry,
So I stumble out into the night sky;
And I find a song, it's been here all along,
Laying in a gutter beside right and wrong.

But I know that my life isn't over.
One thing remains true, I've got enough love for two,
But only enough whiskey for one;
Cause that's where you go when you got nowhere left to run.

Out of My Skin


$0.99, individual song

This was written after I almost lost a very important person in my life to a momentary lapse of reason. Lucky for me that person cared enough to come back around later—so this one's for her. I'll write her a happier one some day.

nathan davis