fool like me

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

I'm growing tired of the shape I'm in,
I cry again and again;
Cause you're the only way this loser wins,
And I've been guilty as sin.
I send a prayer out to the heavens above
For one more shot at your love;
But even god can't make you be
Happy with a fool like me,
A fool like me, a fool like me.

So I guess I'll sit right here and bleed
From this broken heart on my sleeve.
Momma says it's gonna be alright;
But Momma don't know how I feel inside.
Can't get your smile out of my mind;
God, you kill me every time.
I'll always wonder how you could be
Happy with a fool like me,
A fool like me.

Oh, I guess that's the price you pay,
The ones you love always fade away;
And all that's left is just a rainy day;
And all you know is what you didn't say,
What you didn't say,
What I didn't say.

I'd ride the flames of hell for you,
Ain't nothing in this world I won't do
To change your mind, oh baby, one last time;
I've lost all my reason and rhyme.
My cross is bare, but I got [these] nails in my hands
and on a bended knee I stand;
And if my time on earth was through,
I'd wait in heaven for a girl like you,
A girl like you,
If you'll have a fool like me,
A fool like me,
A fool like me.

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A live favorite. I was talked into including a studio version on this album* by some very good friends that love this song more than I think I do. A live recording of "Fool Like Me" was released in 2000, but this is the first studio version I've done that I actually like.

nathan davis, referring to the version on out of my skin