country boy

age about two

his first public performance

practicing for his cell phone

with Jemima, his best friend

cowboy Nate on Goblin

Biltmore Dairy, 1982

before we all wised up

Union Pines High School

he thought this was cool

"End of End" - St. Louis

the original fedora

salmon, Alaska, 1997

cleaning clams in Alaska

blueberries in Alaska

playing in Alaska

tattooed arm

he sees somebody he knows

the whole photo

recording LIVE, the album, at the Six String Cafe

wider shot at the Six String

the look that made the magic


fixing the technical stuff

serious for the photographer

at home

he was just as much at home at a keyboard

celebrating a friend's birthday


fooling around while being photographed

the girl with the kickass smile

"and, lord, on bended knee I stand. . ."

Union Pines High School

dad's favorite

he felt every note

the ever-present phone

the Taylor case

all those pedals

his last gig

a fan's car tag

the empty stage

Nathan's tree in the Ashe Street Park