long way home

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

I'm sorry 'bout St. Louis, babe, you know I had to go my own way.
Makin' you cry wasn't part of my plan,
But you know how I am, a hard headed man.
Remember how we used to be;
Wild and young and full of destiny?
But fate can turn your whole life around;
Put us face to face back in this bullshit town.

Where ya been, whatcha been up to? Still got that kickass smile,
Breakin' all the rules.
We've both calmed down, and gone our separate ways,
But I still think about you
And I remember those good old days.

We buried our brother back in '94; He had a love for the streets but we loved him more.
And now he's gone but we don't ever forget;
Painting the town, living without a net.
I cried when he died but it's all over now;
I can't believe I'm still here, I survived somehow.
Some of us had to remain to keep the memories;
Raising hell in the streets, those were the good old days for me.

So you go your way, brother, and I'll go mine,
Until we meet each other on the other side;
Gonna take the long way home,
Cause man, I had a damn good time.

I heard about you goin back to the pen, And I know I might not ever see you again.
You had a rough time comin' up across the tracks,
But it makes me smile when I think back
To smokin' too many joints, something we never quit;
At the Ashe Street Park, talkin too much shit.
I've got a picture of you that I keep in my mind,
Till much long after my eyes go blind.

Where have all the good times gone? A long time passing,
Where have all the good times gone?
A long time ago.
Where have all the good times gone?
Gone to graveyards, years and songs;
When will we ever learn,
We ain't got no more time to burn?

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A favorite at shows, this was written, ironically, after I heard a Tupac Shakur song about losing his friends to prison and the streets. I used the same basic song format as Pac did.

The bridge was inspired by the Pete Seeger song, Where Have All the Flowers Gone. Written on piano, for piano.

nathan davis