promised land

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

I'm looking for a promised land,
Redemption in the smoke and lights.
I wander like a prodigal, somewhere between black and white;
And deep within my darkest hour, I find a shadow of a tortured man
That lived a million lives too fast,
And scratched away his peeling skin.

And I don't know why I write these words,
Just drops of ink on wooden blades.
Well, forgive me if I seem distraught,
I have a hard time sleeping in beds that I have made.

Sometimes my mind don't have too much to say,
And my guitar speaks better anyway, yeah.

I guess I want to find a mystery
Somewhere in a young girl's eyes.
I tried to find the truth about me in a bottle that delivered lies.
And everytime I turn my head, somebody's looking the other way.
It's just a sad story of a happy life, giving in to a hungover Saturday.
One more bleary-eyed smile on the face of fame;
Maybe I'll understand it better when my hair is turning gray.
You've got nothing to lose when you've burned all your bridges away.

When you wake up beside me tomorrow,
And my kiss is neither stolen nor borrowed,
Don't be surprised when I ask you to follow me down
To a part of me I found lying around,
And the remains of me, what used to be a clown.

So I'm looking for a promised land
On the other side of the smoking lights.
Sometimes I can't hear the crowds,
And most of the time my days are nights.
My dinner is my sanity;
My sanity is the guitar I play;
But when I, when I finally close my eyes,
I'll lay dreaming in a bed that I have made;
And when my dreams don't have too much to say,
My guitar can dream my life away,
Because the long way home is the only road left to take.

Out of My Skin


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A song about the emptiness one can feel after giving all his energy away to a crowd and getting home to a quiet bottle, a candle and a pad of paper, and waking up the next morning hung over and satisfied.

nathan davis