revolution lane

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

She had to go to work early this evening, but she didn't complain.
Put on her makeup in a mirror over coffee and cold cocaine.
Took the long way, missed the freeway, and cried like a rainy day;
Fixed her eyes on the girl in the rearview mirror,
And told her to have a nice day.

There's a crazy guy, with the stupid tie,
Hope he doesn't ask her out again.
Today would be the day she says, "No thanks,
I don't think I need any more friends."
She wears a chip of patience on her shoulder, and it's wearing thin,
So when the clouds in her eyes are full, she's in the bathroom,
Crying 'em out again.

She's got more pain than novocaine can heal,
Holds her head up high but down inside she kneels.
Her saving grace is losing faith in everything she thought was real;
She's dreaming of a fast train, and leaving Revolution Lane.

There's a girl next door, but he only ignores her,
'Cause he's tired of playing games.
So he sleeps all day and sells dirt to stay in food and bottles of blame.
Like a junkie in a dirty Philadelphia dream about a man with no shame,
He can get what he needs from these ghosts in the street,
And you'll never hear him complain.

'Cause he's got more pain than beer and blame can heal,
Says he's numb, but down inside he feels;
And his painted smile is just a mask he's starting to peel.
He's dreaming of a fast train, and leaving Revolution Lane,
Dreaming of a fast train, and leaving Revolution Lane,
Dreaming of a fast train, and leaving Revolution Lane.

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I met and spent a day with Nathan, just singing, laughing, talking, while we just drove around in Janet Carpenter's car. We all [ed. note: Nathan, Pamela, and Jessica Mashburn] sang songs together, and he sang songs he had written, for me.

He came to take a grieving mother he had never met, out of her home. Out of her world of sorrow, into his realm of laughter, and music. We sang together, Tony`s music, he knew every word to every song that Tony had ever recorded. He sang to me, incredible tunes he had written.

In those hours we spent, just riding around in a car, singing together, no instruments, other than the combined, instruments and harmonies of our voices, I was truly blessed. I remember how beautiful his face was under his brown fedora. That illuminous smile that never left his lips.

pamela rice (mrs. tony rice)