so it goes

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

I've walked down Georgia highways
And felt the night closin' in;
I've seen the lights of San Francisco,
And in my dreams I've been;
I gripped the throat of an old guitar
On the streets of New Orleans,
And shared a bottle with the devil that lives inside of me.

Oh, pretty sister, tell me where you been
Since you left the California line?
Where the hookers and the preachers
Make deals by the streetlight,
And the beggars drink the finest wine.
Now you look a little better than you did back then,
But I don't believe it's meant to be,
So here's to you and the devil that lives inside of me.

And so it goes, and so it goes, my friend,
I can feel the achin' in my toes again—
Gotta ride on the midnight line,
Goin' back to wherever I been,
And so it goes, and so it goes.

I wanna go where the roses grow
To the music of the Delta blues,
And catch the fever of the Mississippi River,
Feel the muddy water in my shoes.
So I got my thumb in the air,
And I'm livin' a dare,
But my eyes no longer see
That there's a nickel in my pocket
And a bottle in my jacket for the devil inside of me.

The Holly Show


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One Thousand Miles


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I remember debating whether or not I should learn to play and sing this Elliott Smith song in honor of Nathan due to the content of the song, when I heard his voice in my head "fuck it man- play the song" (I've chickened out so far- not the point though). If you ever have that voice in your head saying maybe this lays me a little too bare, remember that Nathan never shied away from laying himself out there in every song he ever wrote.