lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

Saw your car on a downtown street, I heard a voice inside my head;
Took a drag from my cigarette, watched the night melt away.
Wonder what you're doing, where you are,
And how you're spending your time.

Wasting my time thinking of you;
That may be the only thing I'm able to do.
Wasting my time thinking of you,
Wasting my time.

Looking out from a hotel window, distant horizon's glowing red.
Can't you see I'm bleeding, can't you see I'm still a fool for you?

The Holly Show


$0.99, individual song

And I admired his ability to bleed without making a mess on the floor of whatever venue was lucky enough to host his tunes.

I miss his presence, his periodic phone calls at weird hours of the night... the man was real, though extremely complicated, and courageously driven. He'd play in front of a bug if it would sit still. ...He was gifted beyond words and in my opinion as a songwriter/performer, he was far away and above most of what I've seen on this entire east coast, and that numbers in the high hundreds. Guaranteed. We should all die with that much goodness to leave behind.

annette warner